Hi, I'm Lauren and that's my crazy canine Bette, and we'd like to welcome you to Girl & Her Dog, a place that we hope inspires you to embrace new adventures with your pooch. 

I have been traveling with my dogs for over a decade. I was that teenager who snuck her five-pound chocolate brown Chihuahua named Yoda in and out of the sorority dormitory in a Jansport backpack. Next, I moved to a tiny apartment in the middle of Times Square with my 160-pound English mastiff. Now, I’m now traveling the world in my even smaller home (and by home I mean van) with my thirty-pound Basenji, Bette. Though sometimes I'm certain living in a van with the mastiff would have been easier. 😐

I believe that in a world of demanding human to-do lists and technology overload, our dogs are one of the best reminders we have to go out and explore.  To stop and smell not only the roses, but the fresh ocean air, the towering redwoods, the butts of Corgis and even the drains! Oh boy! Drains! 

Currently, Bette and I are traveling from Los Angeles to Alaska in our home on wheels, deliberately driving off into the unknown. We hope our adventure inspires you to set off on your own. So, if you want to talk #vanlife, solo female road trips, traveling with anxiety, or lessons from animals, you've come to the right place!  So, pull up a chair, grab a coffee (or a bone) and stay a while!